Prototyping With Ratchet

One of the roles that I really enjoy as part of my job is that of the prototyper. I love Axure but using it to prototype for mobile or tablet can sometimes feel clunky. Fingers crossed, [...]

Web Design for Design Jam Dublin

Web Design for Design Jam Dublin

Design Jam Dublin is the second Design Jam to take place in Ireland following the successful roll-out of Design Jam Limerick in April of last year, and is an amazing opportunity for the Dublin UX [...]

Concept Mockup

A while back I came home to my room wrecked following an afternoon of some wicked Irish weather. So I packed my stuff, kicked back and waited in a hotel while it was being repaired. I [...]

Responsive Web Design

After some great advice from Mark Crossey and reading Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte and Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski, I finally made a start at making this site somewhat responsive. I foolishly jumped into [...]

Design Game Part 2

Many scenarios were derived from our design game but we finally decided on wearable HUD for swimmers that allows a swimmer to view crucial information for training and personal use. We chose this because we [...]

Mobile Web App

During Ultimate Kendo, a sport where coders and designers take part in hackathon-style duels on their own, or in teams, I worked with Fionn and Jules and Larry to design and develop a mobile web app. [...]

Web Design For Pombai

At Startup Bootcamp I was working with Pombai, a transportation marketplace for Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Pombai provides local transportation merchants the tools to reach a global audience by providing an online market place [...]



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