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Prototyping With Ratchet

One of the roles that I really enjoy as part of my job is that of the prototyper. I love Axure but using it to prototype for mobile or tablet can sometimes feel clunky. Fingers crossed, the next version will improve upon this! is another prototyping tool I’ve been trying out and one that I’ve been impressed with. It feels really slick on mobile devices and supports a number of transitions and gestures to simulate interactivity.

Prototyping in code is something I’m very much a fan of and I’ve been using Ratchet to prototype mobile apps with HTML and CSS and JavaScript components. Below is what I’ve mocked up with Ratchet so far (or click here). Although working this way is fun (and somewhat addictive) it does take much more time to build a prototype but is using lightweight code the best way to produce a fair representation of the interaction design you’re trying to get across?