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Concept Mockup

A while back I came home to my room wrecked following an afternoon of some wicked Irish weather. So I packed my stuff, kicked back and waited in a hotel while it was being repaired. I used this time to explore an idea for an app I had rattling around in my head. It was just an idea and it needed structure, and lots of it. So, inspired by Paul Adams and his talk at UX Week I got to it with a fist full of sharpies and my UXPin kit (sure what more would I need).

I sketched what I had in mind and played out some of the possible user journeys. My boxes and arrows weren’t as clear to others as they were to me so I refined the lot in Axure to make the concept clearer. I also looked up some APIs that could be used as part of this and Skyscanner‘s looks like it would work well. At the moment this is just an idea which needs to be explored further, so until next time…